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SEO Interview questions

242874 : SEO Interview questions

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Are you going for an SEO job interview?

If yes, then you might need some SEO interview questions and answers for preparation. So, in this blog post, I have compiled more than 250 SEO interview questions and answers for the beginner level to the most advanced level.

If you read this complete SEO interview questions and answers, then I can assure you that no one will stop you from cracking the SEO interview.

So, without wasting more time, let’s begin.

WHy I started this blog:
Today, digital marketing is one of the hottest topics in the world. Everyone wants to learn more and more about digital marketing, but most of the people don’t know where to start from.

Some people enroll for paid digital marketing courses and pay thousands of dollars which is of no value. I’ll explain to you why.

A digital marketing course can never make you a professional digital marketer, unless and until you do and implement all your learning on your own. Courses will not give you any benefits in the long run.

Nowadays, digital marketing courses are gimmicks.

Many courses and digital marketing training institutes will attract you by saying that they give 100% placement assistance and advanced practical training.

But the harsh reality is that all such courses are money making ideas.

That’s why in the year 2018 I decided that I’ll start my own blog and guide people and help them in learning everything about digital marketing, blogging, how to make money online and much more.

However, starting a blog was not at all an easy task for me.

One of the major challenges was to write content. Being a non-native english speaker, I found it extremely difficult to write content, especially in english. But I decided not to back off.

That’s when I took a pen and a notebook and started practising content writing. After completing 10 notebooks, I was able to write quite well, but still I had a long way to go.




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